What the Frog

We are a dedicated group of 8 students participating in the FIRST Tech Challenge.

Together we are building a robot and also doing a lot of other things, such as Outreach, Sponsoring and Documentation.

This year we won the competition in Aviano, Italy, so we are all very excited to go to Saint Louis again and participate in the World Championship!!

Our School

Our school is the K├Ânigin-Katharina-Stift in Stuttgart, Germany.

Here we study, work and build robots together in our own workshop, which is called 07 or the Legoraum by everyone. 

We are very happy to be at such a central location in Stuttgart, as it also means a certain closeness to the industry, from which we hope to learn a lot.

See our schools website for more information: www.kkst.de

The Challenge

The FIRST Tech Challenge is not only about robots. Obviously they play a key part in the whole competition, but there are a lot more tasks that need to be taken care of. These include the documentation of the whole building process, sponsoring and also outreach, that is going out and telling others about our project and technology in general.

Our Robot

This year our robot had to be able to collect and shoot smaller balls and lift a big ball about 1.5m high.

It is not allowed to be bigger than 46cm on all sides. That is part of the challenge.

After a lot of planning, testing, failing and redesigning we can say that our mechanisms work pretty well. We collect using zip-ties, shoot using spring-still and our lift uses drawer-elements and a pulley system.

For more information head over to our robot site.